Defining & Refining Make-Believe

My site’s had a bit of a redesign- check out what I’ve done.

I was struggling a little bit for content last week. I’m not building a site for a real business, and I wasn’t sure what to include in terms of pages and information, even if it was all dummy text. Over the past week I’ve given it a bit of thought and decided to make the site for my ideal pub/restaurant, if I were to open one. Defining the business means I can tailor the site to better suit its needs, and means that I can also work on making the site convey the atmosphere/ethos/nature of the business.

When I decided to make my site more responsive I was a little overwhelmed- it’s not just about using percentages, but also about anticipating visitor needs- which can vary.

I’ve read in a few places that a visitor shouldn’t be more than three clicks away from the information they came to your site to find. I’d say that’s probably true, but really, I think three clicks is probably a lot (especially on a desktop site) to find something like the menu or contact details (even if it is the à la carte menu you’re looking for, not the set lunch one!) I tried to keep the home page simple, and still offer enough options that you would be able to access all of the information you might be looking for from there.

I’ve also added more images to make the page more visually interesting, and made sure that entire areas were clickable, making the site a bit easier to navigate if you’re accessing it on a small screen.

The main problem I’m dealing with right now is centering (the jokes about css and centering are no longer funny at this point!) I have text centered inside of divs- or at least they’re centered when I view the site in chrome or ie on my laptop… my android mobile (using a mobile version of chrome) and safari on my ipad displays the text in some pretty crazy positioning, so I’m working on a way to get that sorted over the weekend! Does anyone else have any weekend projects?

5 thoughts on “Defining & Refining Make-Believe

    • I tried Bootstrap out a little in Codecademy- I really like it! I can see myself using it [and other frameworks] tons in the future, but right now I’m working with individual pages and sites that are so small that I know that I won’t be using it to anywhere near its potential. I’m holding off for now until I start working on a bigger project, where I can really sink my teeth into a lot of its features. Do you use it often? Is it pretty much your “go-to” framework?


  1. Honestly, I am also learning but I have been into web development for about 18 months. Bootstrap is really great and quite customizable too. Initially, when I tried it the first time, I did not really get it right because the resources I was learning with were outdated but once I got a hang of the framework, it produced great results. So yes, I can call it my “go-to” framework for now.

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    • Glad to hear you’re persevering with it, and really enjoying it! I’m really excited to [eventually!] sink my teeth into it! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂


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