My First Conference

I’ve been to cheffy conferences before, but this is definitely a first for me! Not only is this the first tech conference I’ve been able to attend, it’s my first virtual conference too! So when I said “attend” I meant in yoga pants, on my sofa, with a big mug of tea. The conference (hack.summit) takes place Dec 1-4, with speakers broadcasting talks [nearly] live using YouTube, and Google to crowdcast it. All of the talks are also saved so you can watch them later, which comes in handy for those of us in different time zones. Today I watched the opening talk, as well as a talk from the creator of CSS. It was pretty amazing to hear from someone like that, and I’ve got a list of other talks that I can’t wait to watch- I’m pacing myself and watching two per day in the afternoons.

Over the weekend I powered through a book: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to HTML5 & CSS3. I just decided that I really wanted to read through the whole thing. Most of it covered things I’d already learned, but it went into depth over some things that I hadn’t previously, like HTML tags for definitions, as well as tags to show progress bars or m.eters. The CSS feature I’m excited to try out is the text-overflow:ellipsis property, which displays an ellipsis […] at the end of a section of text where the full text would overflow its container, indicating that you could say, click the excerpt to view the text/article in full.

It’s been pretty busy in my house for the past week, so I’m looking forward to cracking on with the Odin Project for the rest of the week, and hopefully I’ll make some decent progress!

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