Overcoming My Fear of JavaScript

Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas
Oogie Boogie was the Boogieman when I was little!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been forcing myself to go face-to-face with one of my own personal Boogiemen : JavaScript.

I still consider myself really new to web development, but I’m a lot more comfortable now with both HTML and CSS, than I was few months ago. I’ve passed that section of the Odin Project though, so it was time to conquer my fears and dive into JavaScript!

So far it hasn’t been nearly as scary as it first seemed. I’ve watched a few videos explaining the basic concepts, read a couple of articles, and completed just over half of Codecademy’s JavaScript track. I’ve written functions, if/else statements, for loops, and do/while loops. It’s been a pretty intense day! The assignment from the Odin Course is just to complete a part of the JS track, but I’m going to finish the track so that I’ll [hopefully!] have a better understanding of JS, and also feel a lot more confident with it. I feel like I could use a lot more practice with the concepts I’ve covered so far, so I’ll be looking up more tutorials to really wrap my head around what to use and when.

If anyone has any good beginner JavaScript resources, this would be a fantastic time to share… 😉

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