JavaScript Review

Even though I’ve finished the JavaScript & jQuery section of the Odin Project, I’ve found myself thinking about it quite a bit over the past few days. To the point that I’ve started peering over the fence to check out FreeCodeCamp, which focuses much more on JavaScript, where the Odin Project uses Ruby for backend development. I’m still committed to completing the Odin Project, but I have a funny feeling I may be moving on to FreeCodeCamp from there! [I’ve actually had a sneak peek already and quite like FCC, so I know I’ll enjoy it]

I wanted to go over the basics of JavaScript again over the weekend, but I didn’t want to do the same Codecademy exercises; [I love Codecademy, but I need a bit of time in between before I can do the exact same course over again!] I found a nice refresher : Learn JavaScript, complete with a quick exercise on most pages. I wouldn’t want to be using this as a first resource to start learning JavaScript with, I prefer to have each section explained more thoroughly, and more [or longer] exercises for that, but it’s helping me get my mind back into JavaScript. I would say that there is a definite jump in levels between each chapter, but it’s not quite as severe as in Eloquent JavaScript, as this stays on a much more basic level.

I’ve just started looking at the Ruby 101 assignment at the Odin Project, and already it seems so different to any other language, even from what little I know.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s got a favourite backend language, especially if you can explain why it’s your favourite!

7 thoughts on “JavaScript Review

  1. I discovered and signed up for freecodingcamp just last week.
    It looks promising, I haven’t dug deep enough into yet.

    Looks like you are truly tackling the javascript monster. Are you liking it at all?

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  2. JavaScript is also a backend language! With NodeJS, we’re nearly at the point where it can be JavaScript everywhere from front to back.

    That’s not to say you SHOULD tackle JavaScript in NodeJS. One of the biggest drawbacks is I think the current state of Node/JavaScript assume that you are an expert. It just doesn’t start out at the highest levels of abstraction.

    Ruby would be a higher level of abstraction and you will probably be more productive off the bat.

    But certainly there comes a point when you feel like you’ve done as much as you want to do just delivering code to the browser and running it there. At some point you’ll want to do something like store something for later. And that’s where the wonderful world of the server side begins.

    Best of luck.

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    • I purposely haven’t looked into NodeJS yet, but I’m really excited to, going by the things I have heard. It’s something I’d really love to dive into after I finish the rest of the Odin Project.

      Any advice or resources you’d recommend?


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