Learning Ruby 101

I’ve finally made it through the Intro to Ruby section of the Odin Project!

I definitely found Ruby more difficult than JavaScript, but as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m still determined to make it through!

This week I completed the Ruby Basics section, including going over some of the additional resources. The one I found most helpful was A Beginner’s Guide To Ruby– to the point that I actually wished that I’d read that first! The assignments for the section included Ruby Monk’s Intro to Ruby, which I did struggle with a bit. I know it’s a really popular resource, and I can see why! It covers a lot of ground, but I can see why the Odin Project warned that it was fast-moving!

I’m still looking for a bit of practice in Ruby, outside of the curriculum, so I’m going to be having a bit of a go with Codecademy’s Ruby track over the weekend.

I’m really starting to see the appeal of Ruby- the code is super readable, even for a newbie like me!

Next week I’ll be moving on to the next section: testing basics. I’ve heard a lot about the importance of testing before, so I’m really looking forward to that!

Hope everyone’s had a productive week!

2 thoughts on “Learning Ruby 101

  1. I would definitely recommend Codecademy’s Ruby track. Also, the readings in the actual Ruby section from “Beginning Ruby” will probably be helpful, they’re pretty good at explaining things.


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