Learning the Joy of Testing!

I dropped the ball this weekend- I didn’t get to do the Ruby track of codecademy like I’d planned, but I managed to do the first few sections earlier this week, making it about a quarter of the way through.

The Testing Basics section of the Odin Project was really short! It brought up some great points though, and after watching the recommended videos I’m totally sold on Test Driven Development! I think the main hurdle to deal with for me is going to be thinking about the structure of the code that I want to write; because I’m still quite new at this I don’t always know what the structure should look like, [often until I’m in the middle of it!] which makes it hard for me to know what I should test for.

For now, the only way I’ve played around with testing has been testing Ruby code with RSpec, but I’m also aware of a tool called Jasmine, which is used to test JavaScript. And I keep hearing about a testing tool called Cucumber, which a lot of people seem to be talking about and using, but I haven’t looked into that just yet- I’m just going to tackle one thing at a time!

Today I’ve installed RSpec (I have to run a slightly older version, apparently the latest one doesn’t run properly in Windows) and had a peek at the Ruby project. I’m really excited about this one! [and yes, I’m aware that I say that about every project!] For the project we’re given spec files [the tests] and we have to write the code to make the tests pass.

From the videos I’ve watched, and from things I’ve read previously I know that a lot of people like TDD (Test Driven Development), so I’d love to hear from anyone who’s used it and what they thought about it.

4 thoughts on “Learning the Joy of Testing!

  1. I keep meaning to spend some time learning TDD but procrastinating. I have a feeling I might be leaning on you a bit when I finally stop putting it off! I think it’s a good thing you’re excited about every project, that kind of enthusiasm is infectious!

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    • Thanks! I would defo have a go with TDD- I was working through some of the exercises today and it’s making a lot of things ‘click’ for me! I would actually suggest popping over and checking out the Odin Project assignment for it- it’s short enough that you’d be able to get through all the resources in an evening, and I thought it did a pretty good job of explaining it.


      • My bookmark to The Odin Project sits at the top of my browser and glares at me every day. “Why did you put me here if you’re never going to click me?” it growls. “I see you clicking the bookmarks all around me dozens of times a day… this is torture!”

        I feel guilty for neglecting The Odin Project, I think I am just afraid of Ruby. Soon, later today, I will click that link and spend some time going through the lessons. I’ll hunt out the TDD stuff and do what I can. Thanks Andrea!

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      • I’ve heard from a few people who have either skipped sections, or just pick out specific sections that they want to do, which sounds like a better idea the more I think about it. It’s quite long to do as a full course, but I challenged myself at the beginning to get through the whole thing… (Not to say I don’t like it, just that I think I would have enjoyed a JS based course more.)


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