JavaScript Review

Even though I've finished the JavaScript & jQuery section of the Odin Project, I've found myself thinking about it quite a bit over the past few days. To the point that I've started peering over the fence to check out FreeCodeCamp, which focuses much more on JavaScript, where the Odin Project uses Ruby for backend … Continue reading JavaScript Review

JavaScript/jQuery Project

After scratching my head a bit over this project, I managed to finish it! The¬†project in the JavaScript/jQuery section of the Odin Project asks the students to create a sketchpad/Etch-A-Sketch, using JavaScript/jQuery. You need to create a grid (using jQuery/JavaScript, not just html), and when you hover over the squares on the grid they should … Continue reading JavaScript/jQuery Project

Post-Holiday Catch-Up

Hope everyone had a great time over the holidays! Mine were busy but amazing, so I didn't get as much coding practice as I would have liked. I found jQuery a lot easier to pick up than JavaScript, but after completing the section on jQuery (which included a Codecademy and a Code School course, as … Continue reading Post-Holiday Catch-Up