Bi-Weekly Learning Update (4!)

Ruby on Rails has been kicking my butt! If you’ve been following my blog you know that I haven’t necessarily been loving Ruby on Rails so far, but the past week has really changed how I feel about it.

The Ruby on Rails basics section of the Odin Project featured a short course from Code School [which didn’t play nicely with my laptop, so I actually abandoned it extremely early on!], a couple of articles, and some videos. What took up most of my time on this section [and what helped me the most] was a basic tutorial from Ruby on Rails Guides. The instruction provided on the Odin Project’s page said we didn’t need to actually build the app ourselves, but I found it really helpful to build it along with the tutorial. [In fact, I found it most helpful when I actually typed everything out, instead of copying the code from the tutorial page… admittedly, I did end up making a couple typos!]

Blog screenshot
A very plain looking blog index!

The tutorial had me use Ruby on Rails to create a blog. It was a totally new experience for me, and I was really thankful that the tutorial was so detailed, because it was pretty far outside my comfort zone! It creates a plain-looking blog, but it lets you create new posts, edit previous ones, lets people leave comments, and lets you delete comments [because everyone gets spam!] I ran into trouble a couple of times while working through this tutorial, getting unexpected error messages [the first time due to saving a file in the wrong directory, and the second and third times due to typos.] I found that after the first error [which honestly had me stumped for longer than I’d like to admit!] I had a pretty good idea of where the problems stemmed from by looking at the error message, and what I had been trying to do when the error came up. That made for a nice change from JavaScript when it felt a bit like the error messages weren’t as helpful in figuring out what had happened.

I have to put my hands up and say that I didn’t really know what was going on for a lot of the time in the tutorial, but the fact that I was able to resolve a couple of issues so quickly [even if they were simple ones] has really boosted my confidence and enthusiasm for Ruby on Rails.

Unfortunately, I haven’t uploaded this anywhere for you guys to poke about with [or try to break! šŸ˜› -kidding!] – because I was just following along with a tutorial I didn’t want to show it off as much as I will with the next projects.

Hope everyone else is feeling as optimistic about their next projects!

Has anyone else started out really not liking a language, and changed their mind after working with it?

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