Raspberry Pi Adventures! (3!)

While I’ve been busy doing everything else that is my life [and believe me, there’s been a lot of those things lately!] my Raspberry Pi has been quietly sitting in the corner, working away, taking photos for me.

As you’ve probably read, my Pi is set up to take three photos each day of one of my pineapple plants, Paul. I’ve been checking on it every so often to make sure that there’s still plenty of space on the Pi to store the photos, and because the days are much shorter now than when I started the project, to change the times that the photos were taken each day. I had a bit of a fail in that respect, in that I failed to take into account daylight savings, and only noticed quite recently that a lot of my morning photos were too dark to include in the time-lapse. [I spread out the times of the photos, having them taken in the morning, around lunch, and in the afternoon, because the weather can change quite rapidly where I live I decided this would be the safest approach!]


Paul, the pineapple.

It’s been nearly six months now that I’ve had the Pi set up, and I thought this week would be a good time to harvest the photos and see what it would look like stitched together into a time lapse video. Check out the result:

It’s really nice being able to look back and see how much it’s grown already! Today I planted it in a pot, so I don’t think growth will be as obvious, but I’m going to keep the project going for a while, and maybe see how it looks in another six months!

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