Bi-Weekly Learning Update (3!)

Even this blog post is a bit late! Unfortunately I’ve been pretty ill for the past two weeks with the worst cold I’ve had in a while [for the first couple days I was having a lot of trouble focusing my eyes and reading… It was grim!]

I’m starting to feel a bit better now, so I’ve been thinking about courses and how I want to continue learning. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is take an evening course [in addition to learning via the Odin Project.] I haven’t had a lot of luck finding web development evening courses, but a few of the local colleges run web design courses, which I’m very tempted to take. I think at the very least it might be a good way to make some contacts and work on a portfolio. Previously I’ve taken evening courses for fun [life drawing, mostly], but I’m already sold on the idea of taking one that I’ll treat a bit more seriously.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s taken an evening course while not working in the industry!

2 thoughts on “Bi-Weekly Learning Update (3!)

  1. Go for it! In my experience, they tend to be pretty basic courses, but are a good jumping off point. Id it’s called “web design” you might want to check whether they’re using Dreamweaver, depending on if you want to do Dreamweaver.


    • Dreamweaver has appeared on most of the course summaries I’ve been looking at, and I think it might be good to get some experience with it (I’ve never used it before, but it sounds like it’s popular.) I think I’d actually like a course that is more basic, that way I can make sure I’ve got a really good foundation. Also, at least a couple of the colleges have more than two levels, so I would take the beginner course and then look at progressing to the next level after that.


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