Life Update!

Just as I claimed I was coming back to working on web development I disappeared again- what gives?!

Well, for the second time now I’ve moved halfway across the world, and as great as it is to be able to do that, it’s also a whole lot of work! We’re finally settled in now, and life is starting to go on as normal again [as much as it can only a couple of weeks before Christmas!] so I’m able to start setting aside some of my time to get back to my courses and the fCC curriculum.

I’m really lucky in that I’ve managed to get a job with a fantastic commute- I’m walking to work in the mornings [I work in a bakery, so web development is still very much a part-time thing for me,] and I’m finally getting to listen to the CodeNewbie podcast! I’ve been following the forum and twitter chat infrequently- it could be a bit difficult when I was in a totally different time zone!

I’ll be back soon with a proper blog post, until then I hope everyone’s been cracking on!


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