Colour Game Code-Along

The latest part of the Web Development Bootcamp course that I tackled was a really fun code-along project. I’ve talked before about how valuable I’ve been finding these code-alongs, and this project was great because it was so comprehensive.

It’s a pretty simple idea: the player is shown an RGB value, and has to click on the colour that value represents, from a choice of six coloured squares [or three squares, if you choose easy mode.]

Check out the finished project here.

This wasn’t really something you had to figure out for yourself. Over nine videos the instructor walked you through the creation of the game. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed when I start working on something; there’s so much to do, I get caught up in making things look the way I want them to- it’s all a bit much sometimes! I think being able to hear the logic of an experienced coder from start to finish is why I find it so helpful to have code-along projects like this.

I think this also points to one thing I haven’t done much of yet: pair programming. My schedule’s pretty erratic, so I’m ruling that out for the time being, but it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to doing in the future!

I did start using a new strategy with this project: I watched each video twice- the first time I purely watched the video, and only actually coding along while I watched it a second time. I found that this helped my understanding a lot, because I didn’t need to focus as much on writing as the instructor was speaking- I already new what he was talking about.

I found this project really motivating, and I’m looking forward to completing more of this course! I hope everyone else is feeling as positive!


3 thoughts on “Colour Game Code-Along

  1. I like the strategy of watching videos twice – it gets hard to really listen and retain when you’re also trying to focus on doing something you don’t fully understand yet.

    Sounds like you’re really liking this course. I may check it out when I’m done with CS50!

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    • I’ve heard a lot about CS50- would you recommend it? I would defo suggest checking this course out, but I would also make sure you get it on sale! Not saying it isn’t worth the money, but Udemy has courses on sale so often that you’d kick yourself if you paid full price for it!

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