Bi-Weekly Learning Update (20!)

Just a short post this week, as one of my side projects has been taking up a chunk of my time [this is defo a very good thing though- apart from when it comes to how much sleep I’m getting at night!]

I’ve been slowly getting through a couple of the freeCodeCamp Advanced Algorithm Scripting challenges. A couple of them were no problem- apparently I’d even done the record collection one before, but reset my code and did it again to make sure I still understood everything.

I had a bit of trouble wrapping my head around a few others, and found a guy that explained them really well, so I wanted to share that. It’s a fellow named Mr Snow on YouTube. I know from past experience that I learn more effectively from watching a video http://and%20visual as opposed to just reading, and his videos [particularly for Exact Change helped me understand the problem and how to solve it much better than anything else I was able to find. If anyone else is having trouble understanding any of the Advanced Algorithm Scripting challenges, I would defo recommend checking out his channel.

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