Bi-Weekly Learning Update (22!)

As promised, as soon as I’d finished freeCodeCamp‘s Twitch API challenge, I re-did it.

Check out my Twitch API Challenge v2.0 here!

Version 2.0 is much more dynamic than the previous version. It creates the page content based purely on a javascript array of channels, and then “fills in details using an array of data received”. I’m using quotes there because, as I mentioned in my last post, freeCodeCamp gave us the data to use as an array. Twitch was updating their API an awful lot at one point, and it was getting really hard to learn how to use, and as it was updated, people would find that their app no longer worked. I saw a LOT of those non-working apps looking around on codepen to see what others had come up with!

I left a comment in my code explaining what I would have done if I was using the API properly: iterate through the array of channel names, and make an API request for each channel, and push the returned data to an array.

I’m now working on the Advanced Algorithm Scripting challenges, which are pretty tough! freeCodeCamp estimates fifty hours for nine challenges, and though I haven’t been keeping track, it seems pretty accurate!

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