Bi-Weekly Learning Update (27!)

I’ve been reviewing my previous freeCodeCamp projects and cleaning up the code, starting with the very first projects.

Build a Tribute Page: Mackintosh Tribute Page. When I first completed this project I had just discovered Bootstrap, so I challenged myself to create this page without writing any CSS. I did it, and it was okay, but I feel like it’s a little more organized now, and I’m happier with the way that I’ve used Bootstrap; I used it to create the structure of the page, and then customised it further.

Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage: My portfolio.  Going over this mostly meant updating it. I added a couple projects to the portfolio section, and corrected some of the HTML which was a little off. I definitely remember that the brief used to specify that we had to use parallax effect, but it doesn’t anymore; I wonder when that was changed…

Random Quote Machine: Star Wars Random Quote Generator. I always liked this project. I didn’t want to change much- the code was fairly short to begin with, so I just made sure the code structure was as good as I could make it. It seems like a lot of the more recent Random Quote Machines use an API to get and display quotes from a website. That’s cool, but my quotes were taken from a few different websites and saved in an array. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Using an API is not a requirement of the project, so I didn’t feel like I needed to redo it.

freeCodeCamp grouped the Tribute Page and Portfolio Page together in the Basic Front End Development Projects, and the Random Quote Machine was the first of the Intermediate Front End Development Projects, but I really group these three projects together in my head.

Next, I’ll be diving into the remaining Intermediate Front End Development Projects, where things got a lot tougher!


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