Bi-Weekly Learning Update (28!)

I’ve been going over my freeCodeCamp projects, and in my previous post I went over the changes to my first three projects. This is a continuation of that.

Show the local weather. This project has given me all sorts of headaches. I keep hearing that it’s due to be cut from the curriculum, and I really wish they would go ahead with that! It’s still causing me some headaches, but mostly down to the fact that I run Ubuntu, I think! Google seems to be unable to locate me, so I’ve tried to implement a fallback feature where you enter your location, or choose your location on a map, but I’m running into problems with that plugin because I don’t want to use an API key…

Build a Wikipedia viewer. I cleaned up the code a little, but for the most part I was pretty happy with the work that I’d already done. I remembered having a lot of issues with this project as well, and I realised that since working on it I’ve become a lot more comfortable reading documentation, and that’s been a huge step for me!

Twitch Viewer. Ugh- I had problems with this one too! I ended up doing what freeCodeCamp suggested- taking sample output from an API call and using that- not actually making a request. [Twitch seems to be really good at updating their API- great for users, but not so good if you’re a newbie trying to learn how to work with an API, and they keep changing it!] Again, a couple cosmetic changes, but nothing drastic.

It was really interesting for me to go back and look at these projects because they’d given me quite a bit of trouble originally! I did feel like I had a way better understanding of them now though [well, apart from that darned weather one!]

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