Bi-Weekly Learning Update (32!)

I have this strange obsession with Eloquent JavaScript. It hurts my brain, but I just can’t stay away! After completing my freeCodeCamp front-end cert, I wanted to tackle another chapter of the beast!

The next chapter for me to work on was Chapter 4- Data Structures: Objects and Arrays. I understood a lot of this chapter- which felt good; in the past, parts of Eloquent JavaScript have gone straight over my head! The part where I started to feel a bit lost was near the end- where there were exercises focusing on linked lists. I’d never heard of lists before and was having trouble visualizing how they worked, and what they would be used for. I read a few articles but in the end, the most helpful resource I found was this video on linked lists. I watched it a couple times and it helped me understand the concept much better! I’ve checked out a few videos on the Computerphile channel and would recommend the video on recursion if you’re struggling a bit with the concept, like I was.

It was a little frustrating to realize that there are still some basic concepts out there that I haven’t even heard of- I think this is one of the downsides to not pursuing a traditional education in computer science… I’m also proud of myself for persevering and not letting myself abandon the chapter and exercises I’ve been working on!

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