Bonus Bi-Weekly Learning Update (33!)

I’ve been learning about REST and RESTful routes this week. REST stands for Representational State Transfer, and it’s a set of conventions we follow when routing. Routes aren’t something I’ve ever played around with before, so while initially, I felt a little out of my depth, having a clear set of conventions to follow made it a lot simpler. And more like following a recipe! (I’ve been looking for more obvious similarities between web development and baking, so expect more of this!)


I followed along with my Udemy course to create a blog app, using RESTful routing. Then to cement what I’d learned I created another app on my own: a recipe box app.

Check out my app here

I was recently introduced to Semantic Ui– a framework which not only has much more readable class names than Bootstrap (as good as it is, because I do really like Bootstrap!) it also allows you to just install the files for the components you require, so you’re not installing an entire framework because you want to use just one of it’s components.

Having a clear set of routes I needed to follow also made it a lot easier to create my app; it gave me a clear indication of which pages to create first, and forced me to focus on the structure of the page first, and the design later.

I’m looking forward to adding to it as I continue learning!

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