Bi-Weekly Learning Update (40!)

Recently I went to my first ever dev conference: Conf & Coffee. I wasn’t actually planning on going, but I saw a call for volunteers and realised that I was being silly by thinking that I was too much of a beginner to go to a conference- going to a conference as a beginner is great!

I also wanted to add that I think usually about my current role (Accounts Receivable/ Human Resources/ Order Desk) as though it’s not really helping me become a web developer. Directly, it isn’t. But it has really pushed me to be more of a people person. It definitely helped that everyone at the conference was absolutely lovely, but I felt way more at ease talking to tons of people that I’d never met before than I would have before working at my current job.

I know that as outsiders, we’re often told about how important soft skills are, but it really sank in for me this week.

This week I learned about:

The HTML Data attribute. This is a custom attribute you can add to any HTML element which lets you group or compare elements regardless of type, so long as they have a common data attribute. Read the MDN page on using data attributes here. I haven’t used this on a project yet, just in tutorials, but I’m excited to use it because I think it makes so much sense!

Drawing with CSS! One of the talks at the Conference & Coffee was Learn to Draw with CSS– it was a really popular talk with everyone that I spoke to. What made this talk different from similar talks and tutorials that I’ve seen is that Alicya (check out her Codepen account here) made a lot of the logos from single HTML elements. I went away from this talk with a better understanding of pseudo elements (::before and ::after), and gradients.

The biggest thing that I took away from my experiences this week is that I’m really excited to keep learning!

One thought on “Bi-Weekly Learning Update (40!)

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