Bi-Weekly Learning Update (47!)

I’m definitely starting to like Rails magic!

I’ve been busy working away but I wanted to share a video I like:

Click here to watch Ruby on Rails in 60 minutes

In order to keep up, you should probably have a couple apps or tutorials under your belt. I wouldn’t recommend the video to an absolute beginner- unless you want to be hitting pause an awful lot to do some googling! While the video is by no means a full Rails course, I think it’s an excellent recap! I’m at the stage now where I’ve built a couple small apps, and this video is a quick whistle-stop walkthrough that strikes a balance between explaining what’s happening without going too far in depth, and pointing out some important things to remember, or the reasoning behind why we do things a certain way.

One of the things I like about Rails is that there are set conventions, so you don’t need to guess the best way to do something!

Naming conventions:

  • Model name: singular, CamelCase
  • Table name: plural, snake_case
  • Model file name: singular, snake_case
  • Controller name: plural, snake_case
  • Partial templates: start file name with underscore

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