Weekly Learning Update!

Long time, no blog!

I’m currently taking three (yup) part time classes, and as they’re all wrapping up for the semester, I’ve had a bit of a workload to get through!

In my Intro to Web Dev class my weekly assignment was to create a form. I spent about an hour working on this to get a form that I was happy with. One CSS attribute that I definitely forgot about is the pesky outline property that is by default applied to inputs when a user selects that input.

Simple HTML form

The main project that I worked on for this course is my final project: a fully functional (and yet limited) website. Last week I made some simple mockups of each page using draw.io, and this week I used those references to source and assign all of the images that I’ll be using on the site. I really want my site to have a cohesive design, so I also edited each photo to be a bit closer together in terms of colour temperature and some of the curves. I expect I’ll be doing a little more editing once I start to actually construct the site, but I feel good about the media I’ve collected so far!

In my System Design course this week, I presented my Data Dictionary document as part of a group project. As a document, it describes the different tables, and attributes in those tables, of a database, in terms of type, constraints, and relationships of data in the tables. I jumped at the chance to work on a data dictionary when it came up as one of the required documents, and I really enjoyed working on it. My data dictionary document ended up being just over twenty pages, and I only had five minutes to talk about it- I could have talked about it for twenty minutes easily! It was a fairly simple version, with six entities, but I went through a few iterations before I got to a design I was happy with. I’m discovering that I really enjoy working with databases, so I’m going to see if there are any more optional courses that I can do to get more experience with them.

I’m also taking a programming class, working on C# applications. We’re currently working with Windows forms applications, which I’m enjoying, but I definitely want to spend more time looking at events and bindings over the next week!

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