Weekly Learning Update (08)

This week I’ve been busy with other things (spoiler alert: I’m now employed!) but I’ve been reading up on subnets, primarily! I’m hoping that my future courses go more in depth regarding networks, because I feel like we touched on them in the first course that I took, but since then they haven’t really been discussed! We just assume that they’re set up for us, and that they operate as expected.


I’ve been doing some reading about subnets this week, and thought it would be good to share. This Microsoft article, and this CBTNuggets article both seem pretty good for getting a decent foundation.


I had hoped to have my latest Raspberry Pi project- a pi-hole, up and running by now, but I’ve had some trouble locating some components that I know are around here somewhere [rPi case] or wondering if I ever owned one at all [mini HDMI adapter!] Hopefully some digging around this weekend will prove fruitful, and I can get it set up ASAP!


I’ll be reading more about networks, and looking at more rPi projects [I do have two of them, after all!]

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