Weekly Learning Update (09)

Well. I’ve been fairly productive in the past couple of weeks, but not in the ways that I’d planned. It very much feels like I’m getting back to being myself, which is nice, after about four months of unemployment where my main hobby was panicking. (Still panicking, it’s just not my main hobby right now!)


I’m looking forward to starting a new term soon: I’ll be taking a Java course, and Business Communications. I’m excited to get back to Java after spending the last term using C#. One of the questions I keep asking, is what are the main uses of each language, but I suppose a better question is the strengths of each. There’s a decent comparison of features and attributes here.

Last term I completed three courses, and had originally enrolled in 3 again for the upcoming term, but I decided that I’ll better be able to achieve my goals if I stick to two courses, so I’ll be looking at taking the maths course next term instead.


This week I’m wrapping something up that means I’ll only be working 5 days per week (yaaaaayyyyyyy!!!! – I’ve been working 6 days for the month of August, which has been an adjustment!) So I’m excited to have more time to work on side projects, and look at schoolwork. This weekend I’m finally setting up the Pi-hole that I talked about weeks ago!

I’m also re-evaluating one of my personal goals, which was to contribute to a certain number of open source projects this year. Considering the amount of learning I’m taking on this year, I’m not sure how feasible that is. I like to have goals, but it’s important to make them realistic, otherwise you’re just setting yourself up to fail, and that won’t help anyone!

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