Weekly Learning Update (12)

Another non-stop week!


We’ve spent the last couple of weeks taking a case study, and writing an appropriate email. This week we looked at examples from submitted work, and worked in groups to refine them further. I even recognised one of my paragraphs! A week after submitting it, I could point out where it could have been improved. It was also really nice to be able to compare my work against what other students had submitted- not just getting a bit of feedback about what I’d done.

Group work did not go as smoothly this time. I wonder if part of it is down to information being presented to us in different formats? Having PDFs, and slide decks [heaven forbid you call it powerpoint, boomer!] while trying to following along with the lecturer’s screen- it can be a little hard to keep up! I don’t think everyone has the luxury of multiple monitors- especially in a course open to students from many programs. It can also be hard to share files with your classmates- the system we use doesn’t seem to be set up for casual file sharing and group work like that. There are still things to work out when it comes to online learning, and I really hope that we continue to evolve the tools we’re using.


Exceptions!!! This week was mostly review. I’m in a bit of a weird situation with this course- on the advice of a lecturer, I’ve already taken a slightly more advanced course, in C#. I’ve then gone back to Java for this course, and everything definitely makes a lot more sense to me. It does mean that I’ve at least touched on most of these topics before, and also that I’m even more determined than usual to get things just right!

No deep dives into any of the topics this week- just too much going on. If you do have some free time though, it seems like the content creators at Oracle were having some fun when they wrote the Java Exception documentation.

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