Post-Holiday Catch-Up

Hope everyone had a great time over the holidays! Mine were busy but amazing, so I didn't get as much coding practice as I would have liked. I found jQuery a lot easier to pick up than JavaScript, but after completing the section on jQuery (which included a Codecademy and a Code School course, as … Continue reading Post-Holiday Catch-Up

JavaScript Exercises

I'd been neglecting the Odin Project a little bit lately, trying to get a better handle on JavaScript before continuing. I decided it was time to get back on track with it at the end of last week though, so I started tackling the exercises in the JavaScript Basics section. I did well in maths … Continue reading JavaScript Exercises

Overcoming My Fear of JavaScript

Oogie Boogie was the Boogieman when I was little!Over the past couple of days I've been forcing myself to go face-to-face with one of my own personal Boogiemen : JavaScript. I still consider myself really new to web development, but I'm a lot more comfortable now with both HTML and CSS, than I was few months ago. … Continue reading Overcoming My Fear of JavaScript