Bi-Weekly Learning Update (32!)

I have this strange obsession with Eloquent JavaScript. It hurts my brain, but I just can't stay away! After completing my freeCodeCamp front-end cert, I wanted to tackle another chapter of the beast! The next chapter for me to work on was Chapter 4- Data Structures: Objects and Arrays. I understood a lot of this … Continue reading Bi-Weekly Learning Update (32!)

JavaScript Review

Even though I've finished the JavaScript & jQuery section of the Odin Project, I've found myself thinking about it quite a bit over the past few days. To the point that I've started peering over the fence to check out FreeCodeCamp, which focuses much more on JavaScript, where the Odin Project uses Ruby for backend … Continue reading JavaScript Review

JavaScript Exercises

I'd been neglecting the Odin Project a little bit lately, trying to get a better handle on JavaScript before continuing. I decided it was time to get back on track with it at the end of last week though, so I started tackling the exercises in the JavaScript Basics section. I did well in maths … Continue reading JavaScript Exercises

JavaScript Functions and the Importance of Brackets!

I've been cracking on with my JavaScript exercises, and more importantly, feeling SO much more positive about it! We had to go out of town for a couple days, so I was doing some reading and exercises over the weekend, and then came back to it today. Again, I had the same problem with the … Continue reading JavaScript Functions and the Importance of Brackets!