Bi-Weekly Learning Update (49!)

Thanks to a schedule re-shuffle, after a hectic couple of weeks, I’m settling into a new routine, where I can double the number of hours I can spend each week working on computer stuff! [Yup- I’m one of those people: I love tracking things, especially when you can evaluate for progress afterwards!]

I’ve decided that I want to have my current Udemy course- The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer course finished by mid-October. I’ve just finished the second full project, so I thought I would share parts of it.

Click here to check out the github repo of the project I just completed- a Finance Tracker app!

Previous projects were coded mainly by hand, but the latest one made use of more gems and was probably a little more realistic in the drive to get a minimal viable product completed quickly.

Here’s a couple screenshots:

My Portfolio page from Finance Tracker app

The app allows users to search for and follow stocks to see how they are doing


The My Friends page of my Finance Tracker app

There’s also the ability to find other users and add them as friends


I really liked seeing how quickly a funtional app could be put together- projects like this really show you how useful gems can be, and how big of a help they can be to get something up and running.


I definitely have a new appreciation for Devise after this week!

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